Sushi doesn't grow on trees?

Sushi doesn't grow on trees?

Sushi Trees collage

Our first blog post

When was the last time you actually read a blog post? Odds are you got sucked into a Buzzfeed "Which Shrek character is your vibe"  quiz at one point or another.

For the "blog" here at Rollface, we're going to do things a bit different. Since we can't decide whether we're a clothing, poster, or digital art brand, we'll let you choose. Here's how the Sushi Trees drop came together:

Rollface has been an ongoing learning experiment from day 1. Each new design and drop has been born out of a unique combination of ideas, morphed together in a way we previously hadn't tried.

Take this Procreate sketch, a product of aimless doodling meets Money Trees playing on Shuffle.

Step 1: Initial sketch in Procreate

About 24 hours after buying the iPad and downloading Procreate, we landed on this design. Literally finished and sent to the rest of the team as we left for sushi that evening.

Step 2: Building products in Printful & Gelato

Poster and T-Shirts were a no-brainer for this one. Who doesn't want sushi to grow on trees? 

We sourced museum-quality posters through Gelato and Comfort Colors tees with Printful, which we do for most drops. We even threw in a bonus tote bag since it seemed to fit the vibe (they're eco friendly btw).

Once we finalized products, we brought in the print file and added them to our catalog.

Step 3: Generate mockups and add to store

Using Figma, it's pretty easy to get some decent catalog mockups for your site. 


Added the collection to our Shopify store and considered it dropped.

Step 4: Launch products on email & social

Using Klaviyo, we spun up an email campaign to share the news with our network. Thanks for the idea Linkedin.

Then we threw it up on Insta, ignoring the fact that our organic reach is getting crushed even though engagement rates are high (smh).

Step 5: Tell your friends

No seriously. Word of mouth is what keeps us ROLLING, so please do tell your friends if you feel so inclined. If you've been thinking about starting your own thing, give it a try because it's easier than you think. And if helpful, here's a quick video on everything we just covered.


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