Rollface gets Grounded

Rollface gets Grounded

Hey there, Rollers - it's been awhile. We just got back from Napa, and let's just say a blog won't do it justice. Talk about an ultimate vibe

We made the trip to link up with the one and only Josh Phelps and the Grounded Wine Co. crew, all in the heart of wine country (if you're into wine at all, check out that link - you're welcome). After months of collaboration behind the scenes, we dropped some fresh gear while we were at it – a hoodie, a couple of tees, and a crop top, under the lines "Caviar Club" and "Salm'ngnon Blanc." Think of them as your new go-to's for getting your roll & wine on.

Our days? A blend of getting lost in the food & beverage scene of Napa, diving into the wine-making process (HUGE thank you to Cliff Lede Vineyards for an incredible tasting experience), and rolling sushi like we were born to do it. All while sipping some top-notch wines that made us wonder why we don't do this more often.

We had an absolute blast with this one and can't wait to see what type of shenanigans people get up to in their sushi x wine merch. Big shoutout to Josh and the Grounded team, you guys rock. Here's to mixing things up, keeping it real, and finding that perfect balance of laid-back and luxury.

If you'd like to get something from the collab before we run out, use 'GROUNDED' for 15% off.

Cheers luv, stay tuned for what's next. And as always, thank you for rolling with us.

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