Rollface Explained: Our first magazine feature ever

Rollface Explained: Our first magazine feature ever

What is Rollface?

It's a question we've been asked countless times since we launched in 2021. And we've never committed to giving a simple answer, because there hasn't been one that tells the full story. Rollface is not just a clothing brand or a meme or a community - it's all of those things and more. So, we sat down with Maki Rollins at Explain Magazine to shed some light on the brand and attempt to explain the meaning of Rollface.

The resulting article, which appeared in Explain Magazine, was a deeper dive into the brand in an attempt to capture the essence of Rollface. It described Rollface as "a continuous evolution at the intersection of aesthetics," and highlighted an ability to capture an "unpredictable yet tasteful overlap" of influences.

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Despite the chaotic nature of the article, it did manage to display some of the key elements of the Rollface brand. A specific nod to recent artistic parodies (including the Rolla Lisa and Warhol's Sushi Dreams) described the direction as "a modern twist on classic concepts." The same fold on the article displayed some of Rollface's recent graphic illustrations of their most prominent clothing drops, along with a glimpse into their creative process with Open AI's DALL-E.


magazine page 2

Perhaps the most accurate description of Rollface came in the form of a simple phrase: "Keep it rolling." To the Rollface community, this phrase embodies the brand's mentality of constantly pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and trying new things (including sushi, of course).

keep it rolling

 So, what is Rollface? It's a moving target, a constantly evolving intersection of aesthetics and ideas. As our founder, McRollface, puts it, "Each person I ask to explain Rollface has a completely different answer based on their perspective, their own interpretation. This definitely wasn't intentional but has become one of the core pillars of the brand." 

what is roll

We hope this article has helped to shed some light on what makes Rollface unique, and we look forward to continuing to evolve and explore new ideas in the years to come. If you're still reading, and have ideas of your own, hit us up at and we'd love to hear em!

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