A Desert Muse: Our Visit to Taliesin West

A Desert Muse: Our Visit to Taliesin West

In our continued pursuit of creative inspiration, the Rollface Team recently embarked on an enlightening adventure to Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural gem, Taliesin West, in the serene desert of Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you are not familiar with Wright, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential architects in history, known for his innovative designs that seamlessly blend nature with the built environment.

Taliesin West, built as Wright's winter home and school, is a stellar embodiment of his philosophy of organic architecture. This principle, which advocates for structures to be in harmony with their environment, came to life in the earth-toned buildings nestled amidst the rugged desert landscape. Wright's ingenious use of local desert rocks and concrete offered a seamless visual connection between the architecture and its surroundings.

rollface model in taliesin

In your long life of practical and artistic endeavor, what do your consider is your most satisfactory achievement?

"The next building I build. Whatever it is, that'll be it."

-Frank Lloyd Wright


Walking through the intricately designed spaces within the complex, we were enamored by the unique character each room bore. From cozy study nooks to spacious living areas, every element contributed to the grand narrative of Wright's architectural vision.

This visit to Taliesin West served not only as an insightful exploration into Wright's design thinking, but also as a springboard for creative inspiration. Drawing parallels between architecture and fashion design, we found ourselves stirred by the thought-provoking elements of the organic architecture.

Post-tour, our team relished in the opportunity to digest our experience at one of the best sushi spots we've tried to date (seriously, if you're in Scottsdale check it out). Amidst lively conversation and culinary delights, we found ourselves weaving the day's inspiration into innovative ideas for some upcoming drops.

Our trip to Taliesin West, steeped in architectural brilliance, acted as a remarkable source of inspiration. We're excited to channel this energy into our future designs, taking a leaf out of Wright's book in celebrating the harmony between creation and environment. 

taliesin slides

"It's important that everyone actively creates. Each person sees life through a different lens, cultivates a different experience… expressing your version of reality through art, music, what you wear, the food you eat, what you say & do.. helps inspire the next person to share theirs."


Stay tuned, Rollface fam. Our journey at Taliesin West has fueled a creative wave that we can't wait to roll with.

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